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Hi my name is Jen.
cali. 19. lover of the kpops :')
This is my personal blog where I post mainly B1A4 and VIXX!!!.(other stuff too~~)

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For any BANA’s or EXO fans attending KMF that need a hotel to stay at, me and a group of friends are going to stay at best western but we would like it if we had more fans to share the room with to keep the prices LOW(we are all broke kpop fans too). If you are going and SERIOUSLY need a room please pm me! 


Ken and his backup bitches..I mean dancers


Ken and his backup bitches..I mean dancers

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What I’m giving away:

  • 711 Series
  • All Golden Tools


  • Don’t needa be following!
  • No giveaway blogs please and thank.
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  • Gotta have ACNL and willing to share your FC
  • Ends next friday April 18th, 2014!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me right here! Good luck everyone!!!

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— Girl group TINT’s ideal types are B1A4’s Jinyoung and Vixx’s Leo



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